We want to make your move as easy as possible. That is why we listed down all the frequently asked questions we get in this page. Read down below.

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You provide an estimated cost for moving, how close are you to the actual cost?

This is one of the biggest complaints in the industry, but not at Optimum Moving. We estimate on the high-side but always bill on the actual. Many companies will estimate fewer hours to provide a lower quote, but not us! We are not here to underbid just to gain your business; we’re here to offer you a quality moving experience at a fair price —and to be the company you tell your friends and family about.

Do you offer professional packers?

Yes! We have a dedicated specialized crew that is skilled in packing your belongings in the safest and most efficient way possible.

What is the cost of professional packing?

We charge a flat rate per box packed, with the correct type of box. For examples, A 4.5 cubic ft box is typically used for clothing and linens, which is cheaper than a dishpack box. A dishpack would be used to pack breakables and china. If you’re curious about the cost to have certain items packed just let your estimator know. We always bill based on the actual boxes packed, so if you get a quote for us to pack up your kitchen, but then decide to do it yourself, you will obviously not have to pay for that packing quote.

How long does a move take?

Our typical time frame is 4 to 9.5 hours and we estimate 2/3 of the time to be spent loading the truck and 1/3 of the time for delivery to your new location.

Are your moving crews professional?

Without a doubt! Our crews are professional, honest, and polite. We have the right people on the job because we know that moving is inherently stressful, and our crews are there to mitigate that stress, not add to it. Our professional movers are trusted, trained, licensed and fully insured.



“This was the best moving experience I’ve ever had. Lorenzo and his team were very organized, efficient, friendly, and took very good care of my furniture. Every piece was wrapped in moving blankets & plastic before being loaded…”

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